I develop and lead programs that support both diversity in STEM and open science through community building, outreach and education.

I Develop Programs That Support Open Science & Build Community

What I’m Up To Now:

I’m currently the Executive Director of pyOpenSci. I started working on this project in 2017/2018. In July 2022, supported by funds from the Alfred Sloan foundation I moved pyOpenSci to a fiscal sponsor. I am now Executive Director of the project and working to build a diverse community around Python open source software in support of Open Science.

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Previous programs that I’ve developed and run

Building Earth & Environmental Data Science Capacity at Tribal & Hispanic Serving Colleges

NSF Funded: 2019-2022


I designed a program that 1) Provided training and career development in earth and environmental data science to undergraduate students at several institutions 2) built capacity for faculty to teach these skills at their institutions. The program was supported by a 1.3 million dollar NSF award in 2019. Program Design Collaborator: Jenny Palomino

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Open Education - Making Earth and Environmental Data Science Education Freely Available Online

earthdatascience.org Open Education Learning Portal


Image with text open education earth and environmental data science. With a woman working at a computer.

The earthdatascience.org learning portal, launched 2017, was designed give anyone with an internet connection access to the content that we were teaching in workshops and courses at CU-Boulder. It also served as a live, and maintained reference for students in our programs. When I left CU in 2022, the site had over 2 million unique visitors each year from around the world. Design & Content Collaborators: Jenny Palomino, Max Joseph, Nathan Korinek.

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NEON Data Skills Open Education Learning Portal


NEON Data Skills original branding colors and logo.

The NEON Data Skills program was designed to build community around NEON Data while also empowering scientists with skills needed to process NEON data in R. The portal included workshop materials taught at conferences around the United States and also individual sets of lessons designed to support using different types of data for scientific analysis. When I left NEON in 2016 the site was growing with ~10,000 unique global users a month.

Data Carpentry Geospatial Lessons in R

2015, A NSF-funded: NEON, Data Carpentry, iPlant (Cyverse), SESYNC


In 2015 while working at NEON I was able to secure funding from NSF to work on a collaborative hackathon. The goal: to build capacity for scientists to work with spatial (and time series) data using open science workflows. Scientists applied to participate and supported the early development of what are now the Carpentry Geospatial Lessons taught all over the world!

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Education for Professionals Seeking In-Demand Earth and Environmental Data Science Skills

Earth Data Analytics - Foundations Professional Graduate Certificate


Earth Data Analytics professional certificate banner - launch your career.

I designed, proposed and built the Earth Data Analytics graduate program at CU Boulder in 2016. The 3-course program targeted professional students who wanted technical earth and environmental data science skills. Students who came to the program included recent graduates, professionals seeking to expand and grow skills; managers who wanted to better understand the technical work their team was doing and finally those looking for a career change.

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