I am an Ecologist, data scientist and educator. I develop and lead programs that make it easier for scientists to learn data science and for data scientists to use their skills for science. I lead the Earth Analytics Education Program at Earth Lab, University of Colorado - Boulder and pyOpenSci.


Open Education Resources & Data Science Learning Portals

Everyone should have access to in-demand data skills. I build learning portals and publish and contribute to lessons and open education resources (OER) that allow anyone to learn environmental data science skills at their own pace and on their own time. Open education materials provides universal access to education to people who may not otherwise be able to access these skills.

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Blended Online and In-Person Classrooms, Active Learning and Teaching

Through time, I have developed a teaching framework that combines active learning, blended online and in-person student participation and cloud based tools that support both teaching earth data science and scaling courses to support more students.

Blended Online and In-Person Classrooms

Blended online & in-person classrooms empower students to chose the learning approach that best suits their needs. All of our Earth Analytics courses give students the option to participant in class either asynchronously or synchronously online or in person. Materials are also published as open education resources.

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Teaching with Jupyter & GitHub Classroom

In our program, I use Github classroom to enforce student skills associated with command line, git, sharing code and version control. JupyterHub running on Google Cloud is used to reduce the struggles associated with both setting up software and having sufficient computing resources on local student machines.

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Autograding & Scaling Teaching & Learning

Teaching earth data science is time intensive. I am leading development of workflows that reduce the time required to grade student assignments and also provide intermediate feedback to students. This effort involves contributing to existing community tools where possible in support of existing open source efforts.

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Free Open Source Software (FOSS) - Tools for Open Science

Free Open Source Software (FOSS) is freely available software where the code is publicly available for use and contributions. I lead development of and contribute to free tools to support teaching of earth data science skills in our Earth Analytics program.

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pyOpenSci: Open Source Python Software for Science

Open source Python tools make it easier for scientists to get to their science. pyOpenSci is a community that supports peer reviewed, discoverable and well-documented software. We also support best practices of software development for scientists.

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Program Development & Leadership Including Earth Data Analytics

I build and lead programs. Currently, I am building the earth data analytics program at the University of Colorado - Boulder. I previously developed the NEON Data Skills program.